When we all run, sometimes, and need to stop.



How hard can it be?


Art is life, life is art.
We live in it, it lives in us.

Lessons From Loss.

One thing that scared me the most was loss. One thing that scares me the most is loss. Instinct is a powerful thing. Its power may shock you. Three years ago, I came home from school, with a feeling that something was wrong. I came in to know that my Aunt was not well and…

A Happenstance.

A favorable coincidence. A happenstance. Two incidents in my life, that occurred at two different places, with a gap of a year in between. But somehow, they remained etched in me. Somehow, they were vivid and clear enough, to create a deep impression in my heart. #Bangalore. After a whole day of seeing around, we…


This is my story.
What’s yours?