Unnoticed Inexplicables.

Have you ever been chased by rain,
running to catch up with you,
roaring right behind, never out of breath,
the roof just three steps away.
only to cascade down on you who walked right back out? (1)

Have you ever listened to a song,
assuming what you sang along was right,
discovering suddenly they were something else,
the whole song-world changing,
only to rediscover what you’d sang along was always right? (2)

Have you ever read a book in torchlight,
scribbling on the sides with a pencil,
observing side eyed,
the shadow of the pencil quivering,
only to make your line crooked? (3)

Have you ever looked up at the sky,
staring at the cracking thunder,
blinking because you have to,
the branches disappearing to reappear,
only to blur your eyes to limitlessnesses? (4)

Have you ever ran to a ringing landline,
crashing on furniture,
dodging people and walls,
the call ending the moment you began it,
only to go back and then run back? (5)

Have you ever looked somewhere so long,
drawing your eyes out of focus,
taking your thought-train elsewhere,
the world diminishing into bokeh,
only to be pulled back from one clarity to another? (6)

Have you ever imagined a conversation in your head,
writing others’ lines,
mending the words and adjusting them.
the talk steering at your touch,
only to surprise yourself with the real one? (7)

Have you ever thought of those thinkings,
wondering if you’ve noticed them,
noticing you’ve wondered about them,
the inability to talk about them,
only to find maybe you can? (0)


…so, have you?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lakshmydas says:

    Brilliantly beautiful. It moved something inside. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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