The aim of this write up is to merely get across some random threads of thought anyone might have. That I’ve had.

Everyone goes through a phase of loss.
Not of a person or object, but loss of direction.
You don’t know where exactly you want to go, or where you’re going.
You look around and see people accomplishing huge things.
Scoring things off their bucket lists, doing so much.
And you wonder.

“What am I doing?”

Sure, it’s said that every person goes at her/his own pace. And you must go at your own.
To never compare paces. And if you don’t, great!
But sometimes, you realize that somehow, a slower pace scares you.
You wonder what you’re doing wrong.
You tend to define your pace as ‘not enough’.
And you try to rush.
Enough to put you in the race, enough to urge you forward.
Forward to something, who knows what.

And this urge pushes everyone into being a successful candidate in ‘The Race’ that lives are turning into. It is a race, you believe. And here, individual pace ceases to exist. You force yourself into believing that, that doesn’t exist. And somehow, everyone enters into a state of great existential crisis.
This is depressing, you think.

‘You’ to ‘we’.

We’ve all been there, or is there.
It’s really important. To be at one’s own pace.
I’ve wanted to catch up with some mad pace. Rush, run, do that and this, make it.
But I could never bring myself to try that pace.
Because another person’s pace doesn’t suit you.

That’s why people fall away, sometimes.
That’s why this is a race, in the first place. Match and cross over race.
It’s okay for a competition, but it’s not okay for us. In life.
Nothing suits a person better than individual, self made pace.

It’s great to say it all, I know. But doing it is different. It is.
It really is.
But we need to pull back a moment and see.
Too much is merely said and not done. Too much has been lost that way.
Probably we could go against that and try, maybe.

Because when we blindly run and reach somewhere we don’t want to…
It’s still okay.

“Every day is a new day” they say.
It’s not ‘new’ exactly. It’s a result of many things, thoughts, people, places and circumstances. Every day is a continuation of the previous day. Starting over or whatever that is doesn’t need another day to come.
It doesn’t.
It happens only when you really want it to.



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  1. Soumya menon says:

    Damn nice


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