This entry is out of some years of unconscious collection of material.

The thing is, I’ve found I was not the only one who felt what I felt. And the fact that so many others have, is pretty sad. Because this definitely is not something that should gain any more popularity whatsoever. Than what it already has, that is.

Travel in a medium crowded bus.
Someone gropes you from behind. You turn back, give the person a piece of your mind.
You look around for support and what do you see on the face of other women, your sisters?
A look of slight contempt and mockery.
Not everyone, but some.
But that ‘some’ is vicious.
That ‘some’ judges your jeans, top, hair, face and most importantly, your guts.
That ‘some’ makes it worse for every woman who stands up for herself and for another.
To that ‘some’, you too, are responsible for the silence of every woman, who dare not speak out fearing contempt.
And that, not from men.

No, this is not a post about the vices of the patriarchal society.
Not because I don’t speak against it, but for the obvious reason that that’s not the issue here.
I’ve seen men standing and speaking along with women against people who tried to misbehave with them. Then, there would be little groups of women murmuring among themselves and I can’t say how often I’ve heard it being something about the women who spoke up. This could be due to inherent notions of ‘goodness’ they’ve grown up learning.
But it is scary, nonetheless. And that is hard to change.

It sure is a wonderful time for the womenfolk.
Danger is walking around free, not clad in inconspicuous black and grey like in ‘ancient’ times, but out in the vivid colors of the open world.
It’s scary enough with all that’s happening around.
The last thing women need is woman on woman hate. It’s there, it really is. Manifest through such small yet very powerful incidents. We, women are not responsible for much of the hostility we sometimes face. But there is something we are responsible for. Our thoughts, mindset and attitude. That too, to an extent is influenced by the world one grows into. But, women can, along with empowering themselves, empower each other.
And that is pretty awesome.

To the ‘some’ I previously referred to,
Please remember that you are judging someone for standing up for themselves.
Please remember that you are contributing towards making some woman’s guts to speak up slightly weak with your sarcastic smile or meaningful eye contact you share with your fellow ‘some’.
Please remember that women are powerful, intelligent beings with a great sense of self, like anyone else. But when you turn that against each other, it becomes something you can’t be proud of having.

If a woman can’t stand for another woman, no one can.
If a woman can’t stand for another woman, she can’t stand for anyone else.
As long as women plot and point at each other, liberation that you speak for is far, far away. And you are increasing the distance for everyone else.
This world is a beautiful place.
Don’t turn things upside down with your smirk that helps the rest smirk at that brave woman.

To  the ‘some’ and ‘feminazis’ that propagate the wrong ideas and ideals,
Equal is equal. Equal is not hating on opposite sex, but equal is seeing all are equal.
You are ruining it for every other woman who fights for equality and says that abuse is harmful, hurtful and unfair for all, be it for men or women.

Let me speak for myself a bit here.
You are ruining it for me.
I believe in equality and please don’t play with the meaning of that word to suit your personal needs.
Don’t ruin what strong women over the world are genuinely fighting for.
Don’t make it that men are women’s enemy.
We are people, we live and love each other.
Don’t ruin that.

Now that’s not that hard, is it?





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