The sky to the left
reverberated, slightly,
in blinking light and bursting echo.
The sky to the right
peeped out from behind those trees.
The sky in front
opened out in a hug,
branches for arms.

Strands of hair
fell on to the forehead,
legs stretched out,
easing along with thoughts.
Words on paper jumped out
and walked on the balcony railings,
against the familiar lull of the fan
blending with the crickets.

The clanking of plates,
the ruffle of books,
the familiar footsteps,
the songs of 102.3,
the notice of absence beyond seconds,
the call of name with love.

Seen the silhouettes of trees
against the night sky?
There’s a dark darker than dark.

Here, the mind is free,
heart is at rest,
soul is full.

Belonging, is home.


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