Capacity for Goodness.

We all need a reason to believe.

While writing a story, while singing a song, while waking up in the morning, while sipping a cup of tea.
We all need a reason to believe.
A reason to believe that something should come out of whatever we’ve planned to do. No matter how significant or trivial the matter is. We all look for something that tells us
“do it!” Because we’re all humans. Simple people with the phenomenal capacity to over complicate things.

Where we’ve sometimes lost out, is when we’ve always expected whatever is coming out to be huge. Huge in terms of attention, money or anything otherwise. We’ve always found ourselves leaning towards the side that offers something that’s noticeable.

I’d like to add something.
If you’ve found yourself doing that. Because not everyone does.
If. If is a very important word. None of us here have the right to generalize. Use the forsaken sentence “You all would always be like that.”

But that is not fair. When an elderly individual looks upon a younger crowd with pure judgement in his/her eyes, one must realize. Realize that in the hazy eyes of judgement, everything looks homogeneous. What’s to think? It’s just a random remark of an individual who has the shield of ‘experience’. As young individuals belonging to a sad, deteriorating world, we all are bound to hear this.
Isn’t it?

Over time, we’ve all failed to see something.
Capacity for Goodness.
And that’s very important. Not all, but some.
The world around has forgotten about human capacity. Human capacity doesn’t manifest merely as atomic bombs, wars, arms and ammunition. Human capacity manifests itself in Kindness, Compassion, Happiness and Goodness. Attention span of mankind has fallen on the necessity to focus on what is negative. Broken world, bombarded cities, murdered lives.
So, these aren’t worthy of attention?
Of course they are. It’s happening. It’s THE reality!

But, sad part is, we’ve all somehow started to believe that humans have lost it.
The greatest capacity for goodness.
In a world of individuals capable of taking others’ lives, we also have people believing in this capacity. On one side, children are killed. But on the other, we have a man risking his life to bring toys and happiness to suffering children. There are two sides.
But sometimes, mankind chooses to focus just on the former.

But we NEED the latter.
Realizing the meaning of Humanity. We all need a reason to believe.
To believe that we can do good. We can!
We need to move away from anyone who tries to tell us that the world can’t get better.
But even better would be to show anyone who tells you that, that no. We can do good.
Sometimes, I find myself looking desperately at the killings and bloodshed in many parts of the world. Wondering.

But again, look.
Try to find happiness in small things. When a good story is written. When the song is soothing. When the sleep was comforting. When the tea is tasty. It’s simple. It really is.
We need to wake up to reality. That has not just one side.
Because if not now, then when.

Cliched things have been included.
But think. Cliched things were cliched because they were repeated, over and over and over again.
Because most times, they hold true, no matter what.
We need to focus.
On our Capacity for Goodness.
I am. Trying and trying and trying.

Don’t we all need a reason to believe?


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